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July 22 2017

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July 17 2017

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commission for bunnilla on tbt

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commission for pinkbell on tbt

July 16 2017

Day 347/365: GameGirl…
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he keeps sleeping in my silk scarf

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Infinity GEMS
By George Perez & Jim Starlin

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Courage the Cowardly Dog has the absolute best out of context images though





This show was modern art.

Okay, but the IN-CONTEXT reasons for most of that shit are just as crazy. Like Courage got so scared a tiny cowboy rode out of his mouth and shot guns in the air. That is the reason that happened.

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levels 1-30 of sonic adventure 2: go fast shoot stuff find gems

final level of sonic adventure 2: as the result of a failsafe left by a long-dead scientist intended to exterminate humanity in the event of his execution, you have awoken a colossal bionic salamander from deep stasis, an abomination of ungodly science and alien DNA, spawned from the pursuit of immortality. it has engulfed the hull of a long-deserted orbital space colony within its pulsating, hungry flesh, and assumed direct control of its propulsion systems, causing it to fall from orbit. you must share the ancient power of the colony’s chaos shrine with your nemesis to go super saiyan and fly out into space, dodging the eggs it’s constantly releasing into its own orbit as you repeatedly impact the dying kaiju’s sickly buboes to kill it so you can use your combined power to teleport the space station back into deep orbit before you are burned to death by atmospheric friction as the three of you hurtle towards the planet’s surface.

postgame: weird lil pudding babies

July 15 2017

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How about ‘Size Nothing’, because I really cannot picturing anyone being caught dead in this mess. Christ almight, look at her waist. Look at her fucking waist. 


In fact…

….Jesus they blend in with the background and make it look like there was some kind of error when he pasted this picture over the background. 

And sadly, this serves as confirmation that Peggy Hill Echy’dnya there really is meant to be Julie-Su. Eeesh.

If I had to look at this artistic abomination so do all of you.

Also I’m seriously convinced that Penders has narcissistic personality disorder or something wrong with him. No sane human being could look at that and say “Yeah that’s gonna get people to buy my shirts.”


Ken Penders: *Draws poop and puts it on a t-shirt* That’ll be $40 dollah

This looks like if Revolution 60 was painted by a hyper realistic sonic OC artist








Okay so @q2qcomics and I are currently apartment hunting for the fall and I just stumbled upon the weirdest apartment ever. 

Like at first, wow this looks nice:

How can it be only $650/mo?? Something’s gotta be wrong with it.

… And then you find the floorplan:

Like… WTF is this place? And you realize it’s on bottom of three “apartment units” (Clearly this was meant to be one big place). 

This is your enterance:

Have fun living in the maintenance hallway under the rich folks. 

It comes with such stunning features as:

Creepy ass long murder hallways.

A room with many doors (all closets).

A bathroom that’s clearly just meant for storage.

And whatever this thing is in your kitchen.

I hope you like wine, A LOT.

this. this is a video game apartment. be wary of lurking assassins. any stray chests probably contain loose gold or weapons

honestly I’d totally live in this amateur counter strike mapper’s first map

I don’t give a shit that the bathroom is in another timezone its cheaper than anything around here

This is literally the first level of Hitman 2

What the fuck

what does it all mean

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I have special eyes

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hi ive been losing my shit over this picture for the past two days

have been informed that this is from a 1974 sean connery movie called zardoz and all i can say is if i saw this in 1974 my third eye would have snapped the fuck open

Isn’t that a thwomp

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Some of my favorite facts from Castlevania canon


* Dracula and Death himself are BFFs.


* An alternate dimension exists that contains nothing but 24 different kinds of chairs to sit on.


* Dracula rides a unicorn.


* Vengeful spirit monsters can be defeated by throwing pies at their faces.


* Skeletons ride motorcycles. In 1852.

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